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Things you need to know about Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen is a part of house where cooking and cleaning activities are carried out. The equipment involved in any of these activities are termed as kitchen equipment. The kitchen equipment are the cooking tools which we generally use in kitchen to make cooking quick and more effectively. With the advancement of technology, there are different types of kitchen equipment being invented minimising the man efforts. The type and size of the machine depends on the number of persons we are cooking for. In houses we use small or medium sized equipment where as in hotels they use medium or large sized equipment.

There are many kitchen equipment available like mixer, blender, electric oven, wet grinder, refrigerator, dish washer, induction stove, food processor, juicer which work on electricity. Many small equipment including pressure cooker, bowls, cooking vessels, plates, spoon, pan, and ladle are also kitchen equipment only. Other items in kitchen like sink, kitchen table, gas stove, cutting board, kitchen cabinet are also included as kitchen item only.

The kitchen equipment are also made of different kind of materials like stainless steel, plastic, glass. So we need to take proper care while working with these equipment. Maintenance is also an important task. Proper cleaning and maintenance will enhance the life of the kitchen equipment. There are wide range of products available in the market provided by different manufacturers. Like any other equipment, we need to read all the instruction manual before we start to use them. Since each manufacturer will have different specifications and their instructions will be different. We have to correctly follow those instructions for the efficient use of the kitchen equipment.

Commercial kitchen includes cooking in hotel, restaurant, hospitals, wedding event, and or any other event. These commercial kitchen uses large sized equipment. They will be expensive. If we are not using on regular basis, there are options available to take them for rent. When the kitchen equipment is not working properly, we can repair them before buying a new one. With the help of kitchen equipment cooking efforts became very less. It is very easy to cook with the help of these equipment in less time.