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Things to know about the types and responsibilities for an electrician

After understanding what an electrician works, it is equally important to know their roles and responsibilities. There are basically four different kinds of electricians. Like any other job an electrician needs to get professionally trained and certified to work as an electrician. There are many famous for electrician in Singapore. The four different types are:


  1. Residential Wire men – They install and maintain the electrical wires that go into our homes.​
  2. Inside Wire men – They install and maintain the electrical wires that go into larger structures, such as office buildings, factories, industries, airports, municipal buildings, schools, colleges, etc.​
  3. Telecommunications Electricians. They install and maintain all the cable that is needed for all forms of communication, including phone, computer and local area network wiring.​
  4. Outside Linemen – They install and maintain the cables that go from power plants to buildings and homes.


​Now we need to understand the specific tasks that electricians do and which type of electrician is responsible for completing that task. Finding a one who is famous for licensed electrician must be able to read blueprints to learn where circuits, outlets, panel boards, and other electrical components are to be found or placed. An electrician also should know how to planning the layout and installation of wiring through an entire building or series of buildings. The inside wire men must be able to install electrical machines in factories. The telecommunication electricians must be able to put fibre optic cable for telecommunications equipment into commercial structures. Also the telecommunication electricians should be able to install systems that will enable telephones, intercoms, computers, security alarms, and fire alarms to work properly. Alt the electricians should be able to add, maintain, and replace circuit breakers, fuses and wires. They also require tracing the flow of energy to circuit breakers and transformers. They have to review the work that other electricians have done in a building, and making sure it meets the safety standards.


Finding a famous electrician in Singapore and replacing faulty wiring or aged wiring that could lead to a dangerous hazard is also a responsibility of an electrician’s job. Like any other job they need to give training to the new electrician trainees. From the above points we can understand that electricians do many difficult jobs and have a wide range of responsibilities. Each and every time the job will be new and always exciting for them.